Dr. James Sulzer and Dr. Jarrod Lewis-Peacock publish in Nature Reviews Neuroscience

March 2, 2017

Dr. James Sulzer and Dr. Jarrod Lewis-Peacock published a review in Nature Reviews Neuroscience entitled "Closed-loop brain training: the science of neurofeedback".  Neurofeedback is a psychophysiological procedure in which online feedback of neural activation is provided to the participant for the purpose of self-regulation. Learning control over specific neural substrates has been shown to change specific behaviours. As a progenitor of brain–machine interfaces, neurofeedback has provided a novel way to investigate brain function and neuroplasticity.

2nd Annual INS Retreat - October 8/9

September 6, 2016

The retreat is an opportunity for the greater INS community and their families to come together and learn about the diverse science going on across INS, as well as an opportunity to socialize, have some fun and create a sense of community.  Contact Susan Cushman for more information.